JL Orchard Q&A

What is “Souls”?

“Souls” is the unofficial title of my main fantasy novel/novel series that’s taken over my desk. Stick around long enough and you’ll hear it referenced plenty in the Writer’s Log.

Why are these interviews on a first name basis when tradition states to use the surname?

The newbie’s default is to idolize those that have “made it” and mantle them on a podium out of our reach.

Truth be told, our predecessors are human. They have highs and lows. They have a first name, like you.

My hope is that you read the interviews here and feel encouraged that your goals, like theirs, are achievable, because chances are they’ve been where you are now.

That said, if you have the privilege of crossing paths with these individuals as I have, do show them the utmost respect – their hard work and perseverance has earned it.


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