Doesn’t take Talent …

2008, I was a buzz-eyed new teen with my first writing victory — third place in The Word Guild’s novice writer competition; my name in the newspaper and this crazy euphoria that in a year I’d be autographing a bestseller, already optioned by New Line to postlude The Lord of the Rings blockbusters.

Simultaneously, then-unpublished mom (Sandra Orchard), was attending The Word Guild’s conference spending my victory winnings on “write-better” books (for me of course), and doing what writers actually do to produce viable works — develop their craft.

Mom (Sandra Orchard), and bestseller, Ted Dekker, at The Word Guild's conference
Mom (Sandra Orchard), and bestseller, Ted Dekker, at The Word Guild’s conference

7 years later, it’s now registration time for The Word Guild’s annual conference. Mom, now a multi-published and multi-award winning author, is in the speaker lineup teaching Fiction Basics 101. And I’m where she was 7 years back — drilling through the “rough” drafts of a hopeful novel, attending conferences, picking wisdom from seasoned writers, and doing what all writers (bestsellers and novices) must never stop doing  — honing their craft.

So get to it. Open up those writing technique books. Read much fiction. Attend conferences like The Word Guild‘s or others. Write. Write. Write.

It doesn’t take talent to be a good writer, it takes understanding of what is good writing.



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