Hello! From JL Orchard

Avid reader,

I’m JL Orchard. I’ll be a novelist someday (bar an act of God), my little book sandwiched between the Asimov’s and Martin’s in the sci-fi/fantasy aisle. Today I’m an obscure trade mag freelancer you haven’t read unless you’re a horse aficionado or fervent brochure reader.

Join me on the journey of every aspiring author, from slugging through the slush piles and two-sentence “reject” slips to one day, *hopefully,* clasping the crisp, fresh-off-the-press, pages of your first child.

This is Chapter 1.

Chapter 2 is in draft.


What you’re in for:

A rare glimpse into the writer’s life before they’re taken serious.

Interviews with those that: made it, lost it, kinda have it, and still love the work after fifteen years (or fifty).

Sneak peek into the secret life of a New York Times bestselling novel, before it’s picked up by an editor (because I trust you’re going to buy a copy of Souls and blackmail your friends to do the same).


This site is under extensive construction. Please watch your head under the scaffolds.



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